Princes of the Apocalypse

Into The Monastry


Shortly after 1am, a loud bang behind the secret door woke Dakeyras who was sleeping in the great hall. He called the rest of the group together, and a careful listen revealed footsteps retreating back down the spiral stair. Very shortly thereafter, a yell from one of the hired mercs on the walls outside drew the group back out to the courtyard in time to see a large group of reavers climbing up the steps from the water’s edge. Fortunately for the group they were clustered together, so Stephan decimated them with a shatter spell, and they were then effectively finished off by Anglara‘s spike growth spell. Alongside this, it became apparent that there were invisible entities within the keep’s courtyard, but they fled after seeing the damage wrought to their reaver colleagues, calling out as they went that they would return with a greater force, and that the keep would never be a safe haven for the group.

The following morning, in light of what had occurred during the previous night, the group decided they wouldn’t stay in the keep, released their hired hands and trashed as much of the keep as possible, before departing for the stone temple.

En route, the group were set upon with no explanation by a Feathergale knight and two emaciated followers, all atop giant vultures. After a short fight, during which Perrin was rather badly beaten up, the attackers were dead, the final assailant falling from the sky as his vulture was shot out from beneath him. Thanks to Thurl’s directions, and Anglara’s skilful navigating, the group found the stone temple in the early evening, and approached the main door only to be rebuffed and informed that visitors were not welcome. After some scouting around, and discussion on the best way to assault the place, the group decided to hop the low wall into the rear statue garden. Suddenly two of the statues revealed themselves to be gargoyles, and a fight ensued. Lucius was snatched up, and in danger of being carried off, when he managed to wriggle free and drop 30ft to the garden below, suffering some severe injuries. Other than this, the group defeated the gargoyles with little difficulty and, after patching up their wounds, entered the temple through a small rear door, in pursuit of some figures they had seen through a window.

The interior of the temple was well lit by the light coming in through windows, and the group burst into a room to find two monks who attacked with skill and speed, but were no match for the onslaught before them. Once they had been defeated, Dakeyras revived one of the two in order for Stephan to detect thoughts on him. His mental discipline enabled him to resist some of the questions, but when probing deeper he did reveal a fear centred around a very old, cadaverous man who was behind an ancient wooden door.


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